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Spirit Science one ~ Feelings


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This is the initially at any time episode of Spirit Science! It mostly focuses on the relationship between our thoughts, entire body and spirit.

This movie explores the way in which we build our actuality with each other, and how our thoughts are the initially move into manifesting our ordeals.

We consider that you can have, do, or be Everything you want! Why not make life remarkable, and live in a way that uplifts those people about you?

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  1. Anyone who argues FOR all mainstream science without questioning is a retard that lacks life experience. They've never needed to pray where an answer or sign would be given, they haven't felt their chi energy, they haven't smoked DMT. Just dumb, dumb, dumb and wasting their own time along with everyone else's. People need to do things for themselves instead of just say "that's what muh book says".

    I posted most of this in a comment thread, but then thought I should add it as a main comment…but the second I tried to, I got an error message. It's crazy how much they're censoring my other account as well as many others on YouTube and elsewhere online lately. The shit has been happening constantly and it's annoying as fuck!

  2. You say we r 100% responsible 4 our lives…but than bring up the starving kid in africa…n how is it his fault. U begin to say that as a collective it's bc we r not living sustainably in the western world…n i agree but that now takes blame off the starving child n puts blame on others n not that child which contradicts ur statement. I don't believe we individually r responsible for a full hundred percent of everything that happens to us but our reactions actions n thoughts help shape things tremendously


    Oh man! Read the following verses carefully, then think, meditate and reflect among entire mankind in order to maintain the harmony of human unity as well as to annihilate riot, bloodshed, discriminations and all such mischievous activities. Remember that 1000 species of Lord’s creatures are praying and glorifying Him by their souls. Therefore, it is the inevitable duty of mankind bestowed with intelligence to act in order to keep the earth and universe in its equilibrium utilizing Adhikr—the Balance and Trust from the Impartial Lord.

    4: 1
    Oh mankind, heed your Lord Who has created you from a single soul, and created its mate from it, and from them both scattered so many men and women; and heed Allah about Whom you will be asked, and heed the wombs; certainly Allah is ever watching over you.

    The soul of everyone is from the Lord itself. None has the right to select their parents or children. So there is no chance for partiality among mankind. The ‘aim of life’ should be to identify the Lord, confirm oneself as believer and to prepare Paradise in the 4th phase in order to inherit it in the 7th phase utilizing Adhikr—the Insight.

    53: 45-46
    He is the One Who creates in pairs male and female, when the semen drop is emitted.

    No one has the right to select sex (gender). Lord is the owner of the body as well as the soul. So there shouldn’t be any differentiation between male and female.

    And among His signs that He created for you mates among yourselves, for you may dwell in tranquility with them, and He has put love and mercy between you; indeed in that, there are clear evidences for the people who think and reflect.

    So sexual intercourse should only be conducted in between male and female from the mankind, and it should be in between the married spouses. All others who do sodomy, unmarried sexual activities etc. are Mujrims (madmen who don’t think and reflect the aim of life).

    64: 2
    He is the One Who created you all, and among you there is disbeliever and among you there is believer; and Allah is observing whatever you do.

    Each individual has to utilize Adhikr to become a believer. All others who received the Book are disbelievers.

    76: 3
    Indeed, We gave him option to select the way, either to be grateful or ungrateful.

    Since the Lord is Impartial everyone has the right to be grateful or ungrateful, and therefore even the parents have no right to compel their children to become so and so.

    2: 256
    There should be no compulsion in ‘Dheen’ (religion), the right way has been made clear from the wrong way; therefore whoever rejects with the arrogant ones and believes with Allah has grasped the Firmest Rope which will never break, Allah is All Hearing, All Knowing.

    ‘Firmest Rope’ which is extended from the Paradise to the earth is Adhikr. Without testifying It nobody becomes believer and enters to the paradise. Read together 31: 22.

    25: 68
    The beloved servants of Allah don’t appeal to any other deity besides Allah, nor kill any soul whom Allah has forbidden except for Truth, and will not fornicate; if anyone does so, he is fallen in crimes.

    The believer who considers Lord as impartial shouldn’t kill any soul (living thing). Believer shall not undergo or wish to undergo sexual intercourse with others than his/her spouse.

    From the Book " The Ultimate victory is for Islam…. But not through Muslims!!! "


  4. is a child that is molested/born and sold into the sex trade responsible for that life as well? is the driver and only survivor of a car crash responsible for killing the rest of their family? does a child think themselves into having cancer?

    the first part of the video and so much other content on here is so great, but wow. how can you lead others to believe it's their fault that negative experiences happen to them? you should be teaching people to become mentally stronger so that they can be mentally strong.defeat their egos so that they can HELP OTHERS who are in poverty, sold into the sex trade, working 18 hours in a crumbling factory.

  5. "Something big is about to happen. You can see signs of it all over the world. Revolutions rapidly spreading across the middle east. Protests occurring in America and Europe. Earthquakes are devastating the world in places like Japan, Myanmar, and Greece. The global economy…"
    As an ex-conspiracy theorist I experienced this "everything is connected" mentality that you seem to have. My question to you is, what did you do, if anything, to counteract rampant pareidolia?

    "Using the rate of doubling…"
    The rate of doubling assumes that birthrates only go in one direction and at a constant incremental rate. As such it does not explain reality. Did you mean something else by "rate of doubling."

    "We're about to learn something amazing… … Many people across the globe have learned about this and they've applied it to themselves and witnessed marvelous changes."
    This sentence is so vague it leaves me with more questions than answers. What are we about to learn? Who has learned it? Have you learned it? Are you going to tell us? What marvelous changes were witnessed? If you know there are people who have learned it why have you not talked to them to learn it for yourself? Is this one of those things that one needs to figure out for themselves and thus being given an answer by someone who has already learned about this thing, will not be sufficient?

    "Mind, body, spirit. This is the sacred trinity that allows us life on Earth."
    In what way? Mind and body I understand well enough, but what makes spirit necessary?

    "What do we really know about the spirit?"
    Spirit as I understand is a supernatural phenomena. Since science is a study of the natural world and how it works, this makes spirit a non-science question. Perhaps a philosophical question. A spirit has not yet been noticed, detected, or measured except by scam artists. I'm assuming you have answers about the spirit?

    "Recently however a discovery was made, which led to new discoveries, and further discoveries. These incredible insights went largely unnoticed by the global community."
    It's incredibly hard for the global community to get excited about a discovery that you don't quantify. I'm asking you to at least touch on what these discoveries are so that they CAN be looked at, measured, quantified, and catalogued. To point, don't just say that an incredible discovery was made without expanding on what the discovery was if you want people to get excited about it.

    "While governments and secret services acknowledge them…"
    In what way do they acknowledge them? Where is it said that they acknowledge them. I'm forced to ask you these questions because you have not given me any specifics to research so I'm searching for basically anything supernatural on a platform that has literally ALL of human knowledge on it. Specificity is what is lacking in this video so far I think.

    "You can measure the frequency that is emitted when you think them."
    Thoughts as far as I know don't emit a frequency. The most I think you can say is that our brain does. Can you provide a link to a peer reviewed paper that will explain this "thought frequency" in greater detail?


    "Do you have a shared connection between a loved one or a pet, where you can always tell exactly how the other is feeling or tell exactly what the other is thinking of even if they're not really around?"
    Yes, but since you mentioned loved ones specifically, chances are you know this person and their body language. My roommate knows that whenever I get quiet it's because I'm depressed, whereas someone who doesn't even know me might just assume that's the way I am. So my question here is, why can this phenomena not be explained by reading body language and pattern recognition of others and if the person wasn't really there when you supposedly knew what they were thinking, how were you able to confirm that they were thinking that if they weren't around to confirm it?

    "Ideas and thoughts are spreadable."
    Through verbal communication, yeah. But I'm assuming you mean in a different way that utilizes this "thought realm"?

    "Our own intuition is how thoughts connect to each other."
    What does this statement mean? Intuition is how thoughts of one person connect to another person's thoughts? Have you tested this or is this another premise? In which case that's another thing you're going to have to prove exists along with the thought realm.

    "Because of this, we add a bit of our own creation to the mix, but we are still moving towards the same goal."
    What if our own addition alters the original thought to such a degree that it's not the same thought anymore?

    "So with thoughts connecting to other thoughts comes our first big realization."
    Wait I still have questions. When did you prove thoughts connect to other thoughts in ways that couldn't be more simply explained through reading of body language? In what capacity do thoughts connect to other thoughts? How does intuition connect our thoughts? What is even meant by a thought being connected to another thought?

    "We are not only connected in the physical realm, but in the mental and spiritual way as well."
    … the most that could be said is how we are connected mentally, unless this thought realm requires a spiritual element to it, in which case, my next question would be, in what way is spirit integral to the "thought realm"?

    "We assumed that the conscious experience as well as all of our thinking, was totally 100% isolated from the rest of everyone else."
    A safe assumption as psychics have never passed a test with controls to my knowledge. Those who can supposedly tap into this thought realm are completely capable of seeing what I'm thinking. If they can see into this thought realm, they should be able to know what I'm thinking regardless of how well they know me because they can physically see my thoughts. Is there a psychic you know of that I can talk to in order to test this out for myself?

    "What do we really know about the bond that connects them?"
    That just begs the question, what bond are you talking about? What do you mean by "bond"?

    Rotate who flies in front based on how tired the front goose is. When another goose flies faster, the head goose rotates out to take advantage of the aerodynamic V formation. I assume this formation allows Geese that are behind to encounter less wind resistance, but I'm an artists not a physicist so I don't really know. Communication isn't required it's just a natural switch according to who is currently fastest in the formation which is more than likely the one who was head goose least recently.

    Fish swimming in schools is an evolutionary behavior. They did it to protect themselves from predators and because it was effective they continue to do it. Communication isn't necessary. It's instinctual.

    Body language.

    "What's to say we are not connected to each other in this way?"
    Through pragmatic interaction, instinctual behavior, and body language? I would say we are connected in these ways.

    "We've been out of touch with ourselves for an incredibly long time now."
    Since when? What does that mean? What are the consequences?

    "Have you ever had a morning where you wake up grumpy and you stub your toe and you think," Oh it's just going to be one of those days." and find that the entire day afterwards just goes terrible."
    Yes but that's something we call a self fulfilling prophecy. You think the day is going to suck and because you're in a bad mood you wind up making bad decisions that MAKE the day go horribly, whereas, if you were in a good mood after that, the day would have been relatively fine. Even if the day goes neutrally, you will think it was terrible because you see everything in a negative light when you're in a bad mood. Emotions in the thought realm is just vestigial and thus can be shaved away by Occam's Razor.

    "Those who speak most of illness, have it. Illness is also a creation of yours."
    This one I'm going to have to give a hard "No" on. Illness is caused by infection, viruses, bacteria, disease, etc. True you can convince yourself that you are ill and you will feel ill as a result. Anxiety can make you FEEL sick, when in fact you aren't. This is why hypochondriacs are a thing. They feel sick, but through examination, nothing is wrong with them.

    "If you have a low immune system, it's because of you."
    So you're saying that my low immune system is because I thought it into existence, and not the consequence of having Crohn's disease. What about people with AIDS? Or maybe you're just talking about people with no outstanding diseases or defficiencies and yet still have a lower immune system. Can I get a citation on that?

    "We are creating our realities."
    By performing the physical actions necessary. Introducing this thought realm into the equation is just vestigial fluff. It's not necessary in the equation and I would like you to show how it is and what problem's it solves by including it.

    "This happens as a result of our disharmony and our lack of connection to our own intuition."
    Since you provided a car wreck I'll use that as a spring board. So the car wreck happened, because this guy wasn't connected to the other guy through this thought realm which is a place where all ideas exist. Because every situation is their fault according to your previous point, then it's safe to say that this person was thinking about wrecking into this other person and if they were connected to each other in the thought realm this could have been avoided. Do accidents exist in your philosophy?

    "When we are more in tune with ourselves, we can feel out certain scenarios and decide if that's a path we want to take."
    You mean like… introspection? Finding out what we truly value? As someone with a lot of time to myself and done a lot of introspection, I can tell you from experience that that won't always yield results,

  6. Let's clear things up a bit here. The law of affinity that thoughts attract corresponding circumstances is actually a basic fact of life. Yes, the idea is taken to extremes and often misunderstood, but it's actually quite simple. I'll use an analogy

    The idea can be compared to gardening. Let's say you're planting a pear tree. The quality of seed you plant as well as the conditions it's planted in and the type of setting it's planted all determine what it will grow into and the fruit it bears. The seed doesn't grow into a full pear tree right away. It takes time. If you keep watering the seed, eventually it'll sprout. If you don't water it, it will die. Each seed requires just the right conditions to grow a tree. With consistent work, care, and effort as well as the right conditions then a pear tree will grow. In time we'll get juicy pears

    Each thought is a seed. The idea that thoughts "create reality" is true, but it doesn't mean they create reality instantly the same way a seed doesn't instantly grow into a tree. Each thought is also subject to all the conditions around it. We don't plant gardens in outer space. There are countless other factors affecting them. When people say our thoughts create our health and such, they're not saying each person is entirely 100% responsible for his or her condition, but that at some point in time those seeds were present. At times we plant those seeds, but often those seeds are planted within us by external conditions from a very young age.

    What Spirit Science tries to illustrate is that what we do have control over is the ability to choose the new seeds we plant as well as how we care for the garden already present within us. Do we choose to continue watering the weeds we've grown over the years or do we choose to grow something else? A lot of human beings continue to suffer, but it's once we become conscious of this that we have a choice in affecting it.

    I know why people get frustrated with these ideas and rightfully so. There is a lot of misinformation thrown around, but it's not that the ideas aren't true, it's more of that they can be difficult to convey until they're intuitively understood as well as experienced. I hope this explanation helps.

    The Conscious Vibe

  7. This IS AMAZING ! You're making such a positive impact on this world. Keep going … I would love to discuss and share my experiences of the multidimensional realities with you 🙂

  8. If we learn to control our thoughts (stop thinking) we become tuned into present moment which brings us elevated feelings like gratitude and love because we start to feel so free from everything which also raises our frequency going further from matter. We become selfless overcoming the big 3 that holds us: our 1) bodies, 2) environment and 3) time. Our mind becomes tuned to Theta frequency 4-8 Hz which means we become connected to Universal Intelligence – God and His consciousness. This is where Quantum Field opens the Doors for us and our dreams to become reality. All we need is connect our thoughts and feelings so that we already have it NOW and then surrender to upcoming events in our life. You will not know when exactly and how you are going to get what you want and that is the beauty, the mystery the surprise waiting for YOU. Just surrender.

    This is based on different sources connecting into 1. Mostly from Joe Dispenza's book "Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself".

    Hope it helps some of you! It really does for me 🙂

  9. I am so tired of hearing this "whatever is wrong in your life is your fault" bullshit. I always use this example. There are some very unfortunate people in India known as the "Untouchables" who are treated like absolute shit and have absolutely no chance in life at all. According to this bullshit "New Age" way of thinking, they did that to themselves? I am guessing that because you said something as ludicrous as that, you may be reincarnated as something that will teach you the difference. Some people do cause their own issues but many DO NOT and you are insulting people like the Untouchables when you say such garbage. Imagine being born in Afghanistan and when you are 4 years old, a bomb blows up your whole family and you survive as an orphan. Did you do that to yourself? Was it your thoughts that brought the bomb to kill everyone you loved? Your videos are well done but this is despicable and you should make another video to apologize for saying something so insensitive.

  10. The epitome of religion is Sikhism because they believe there is one God for everyone. Their religious text book (Guru Granth Sahib) very first line is Ik Onkar, meaning One God and the same text liberated women 500 years ago.

  11. I say this to see if I am alone I don't want to be because I am looking for people like me who can do what I do so I will say something that only a person like me might know. I expand my mind to fill the room and I hear something that happens to the room. If you can answer this question I will know your like me and that I am not alone but if you answer wrong expect no response but if you answer correct I will share with you but you must share with me first. I don't believe in magic so if you do your barking up the wrong tree.

  12. Dr. Emoto also tested this with written words taped onto jar's and the same effect happened. Also bacteria filled water was made pure again. This has been repeated and the same effect occurs.

  13. I've just watched the Human History video. It was on another channel and re-voiced, but it led me to this account. This clip just makes sense as did the Human History one. This one got me excited as I could relate. I think I'm going to be binge watching this account!

  14. This channel has some good to it – The messaging is ultimately positive and about feeling good and being good to others etc. However, it's also batshit crazy.

  15. This video falls into the same trap about consciousness that most people do with their mental masturbations on the subject. This trap is exploring the human Experience through a paradigm of "who" we are instead of "what" we are. Greater relevance comes from realizing that this Reality is about the Microbes-NOT humans. We are nothing more than a Microbial Transport System if you factor in "what" is going on-not "who" is going on.     Microbes (bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungi) literally make-up 90% of the cells found within a human form. There is NO system or thing where if the composition is 90% of a component that it is dominated or considered the 10%! A bottle of 90% alcohol will be considered Pure Grain Alcohol-while a bottle containing 10% alcohol is considered a beer. Microbes actually run the human system on all levels and literally fuel the human body for ttheir needs, not ours. Every bit of food (fuel) we consume is not "digested" by the human body but instead first "eaten" by microbes in the digestive system and we humans live on tthe excrement of the microbes. Essentially, all our thoughts are "shit" and we have shit for brains.    Microbes have been here on the planet since nearly the beginning through fossil records. If you transformed the timeline of the Earth into a year calender-microbes have been here since February while we Homo Sapiens did not become the dominant hominid until December 31st on this calender and did not even show up for the party till the last days of December.   Microbial action terra-formed this planet for their benefit-NOT ours. They designed and maintain the soil, water, and atmosphere for their proliferation. There is no evidence that a Sky Ghost came and crafted the environment for its' pets as most religions proclaim in their origin myths. ALL of Nature is built upon the backs of microbial efforts and we are just a part of their story-the narrative is not about us. It is hubris to believe otherwise.    Microbes controlling our Consciousness is easily proven with the research showing changes in moods or feelings through altering the microbiota community. This type of action falls under the new category of Psychobiotics. This, along with the results of fecal transplants demonstrate this synergistic system is directly affected by simply changing the passenger profile of a human body. So how can we (Ego) truly be in charge?

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