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Local weather Science: What You Have to have To Know


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  1. There's definitely something weird about the climate where I live (Utah) in the last decade or so…it seems BOTH extreme seasons have been getting, well, more extreme. And closer together! I kid you not, two weeks ago we had an end-of-summer wildfire so close to my town we had trouble with coughing and stinging eyes for a week…and as I write this, it's been raining all night and _there is frost vapor on my window_.

    I mean, sure, this doesn't mean that every day from now on is just gonna get colder and colder, but c'mon, frost on the windows only a WEEK after the last SUMMER wildfire finally got under control? Even in a quickly-changing-weather biome like a desert (we had an Arizona-like summer this year, too) or mountain ("Greatest Snow on Earth!"–don't look at me like that. It's a phrase on our license plates) doesn't normally change THAT fast.

    Summer this year contained like two weeks in a row where the high of the day didn't fall below 100 (Fahrenheit, I'm an American and this is about a place in America–I'm not saying it was literally BOILING! :P) and yet I feel fairly certain that winter this year will do similarly as it did last year, after a just-as-hot summer: contain entire weeks where the high of the day doesn't break into two digits. (For you metric users: That's DEFINITELY colder than 0 C.) It seems odd (and kinda unfair) to have both hot summers AND cold winters; you'd think that the warmer summers would mean milder winters or the colder winters would mean cooler summers. NOPE!

    I guess what I'm trying to say is that I have empirical evidence, gathered from my own real-life experience of living in the same place for decades, that SOMEthing funky is going on with the weather. And if it's not us? As many below me have said, couldn't hurt to switch to renewables as soon as comfortably and profitably possible anyway.

  2. I think we need a detailed action list of things that people can do. And talk about specific numbers. How many people need to drive electric? How many homes need to go solar? How much power needs to be generated by wind? I think people shut out climate change because the solutions feel nebulous.

  3. Cute, but devoid of facts and contains some lies like "97% of all…" Not true. Both the Oreskes and Doran Zimmerman studies have been shown to be bogus, but you never read of it. You have to dig for it.

    We have a short paper, "CO2 Is Innocent" at that includes a simple demo-experiment you can do that shows CO2 does not heat the atmosphere. Clip-copy the paper, take it to your local Chemistry teacher or someone who had college chemistry to confirm the reactions, equations and principles are right, do the demo and you have proof in your hands for a few Dollars. Never believe anyone supported by government in a matter where they want more tax money to build bureaus and hatch regulations. I am a physical scientist and you can read a partial list of my publications at Adrian Vance

  4. Sounds like if you want to fix this problem, your best guess would be to even out the ecosphere. I would suggest creating several vapor drones/satellites and spreading them throughout the sky to eat up some of the carbon, expect acid rain for a bit…. But it should begin cooling down. Also we should really think about creating more clouds

  5. Nope, didn't change my mind at all. I already understood the science, and didn't deny that our lives are affecting the climate rate of change. Simply put, i"m not some arrogant asshole who believes he knows better than scientists.

  6. What about oxygen levels? Haven't studied Chem. , yet, but wonder if more carbon, methane, nitrous oxide in the atmosphere, and deforestation of critical oxygen producing (and weather regulating, for that matter) rainforests and forests in general mean oxygen is compromised in some way. Our forests are the lungs of the planet, I've heard and they are disappearing, being cut down for growing cash crops to feed the beef industry, biofuel, etc.

  7. Even I, as a 16 year old, can notice this!!!

    I mean when I was little, it always snowed in December, sometimes even November!! Then in January we would have at LEAST half of the month off from school due to all the snow days, and we'd get a few snow days in February and even March too!!

    Past two Decembers have been 60 degrees (F). Send help.

  8. This guy makes up his own facts like Al Gore did. According to Gore there should be no ice on the planet and sea level should have risen 20 feet. How did that dumb ass prediction turn out? Well he now has a new movie out to collect cash from idiots like this moron

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