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Science and Faith


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It truly is time for my following vlog! Final time we talked about cats this time I’m talking about how I can be each a scientist and a person who participates in a religious everyday living, and how each make me who I am. I also focus on what God is and what God is just not in a way that tends to make for a deeper adore of the scientific world. Seems extremely hard? It truly is not! Look at it out!

Adhere to Me:

Exeuctive Producer – Immanuel Shalev
Director – L.E. Doug Staiman



  1. Having a spiritual connection is NOT what it means to have a relationship with God; it just means you are having a spiritual connection. Again, you offer ZERO evidence of God. It's one thing to be practically religious, as a lot of Jews — including atheistic Jews — are. But you are literally saying you believe in God. And you are offering no good justification for that belief.

  2. You're conflating gratitude and humility with God. In other words, you're making absolutely no sense. Also, Jewish history is certainly full of atheists and believers alike, some of whom were humble but some of whom were arrogant. There is no one Jewish tradition or history.

  3. How is God the answer to why everything is the way it is? "God" is not an answer at all — just a three-letter word and/or name. The word gives ZERO explanation. Even the concept of a god gives ZERO plausible, scientific explanation.

  4. 1) So you're redefining "God"; 2) Your definition of "God" is NOT the religious Jewish definition; 3) Why are you assuming there is only ONE force? Maybe there are a trillion forces. Again, you have a belief without evidence.

  5. If you don't believe God has set up a code of behavior, then how are you religiously Jewish? Religious Judaism is based on a code of behavior. By definition. Again, if you were a secular Jew, then fine, but you're say you're a religious Jew who believes in God, so I don't get it…

  6. As Isaac Asimov put it, it is easier to be irrational to cope with a number of challenges (I'm paraphrasing). You are going some way with your rationality but then stop because it helps you to feel more comfortable. That is not the scientific way. That is easting your cake and having it too. We cannot rule out a "god" but if one believes in one, one might as well believe that as soon as Isaac Newton died, god tasked Newton's spirit to making sure that all apples fall from trees downwards so that god can do other things meanwhile. Can't disprove that, but should one believe it?

    All the emotionally overwhelming feelings you described can be understood without referencing a notion of "god". As a former neuroscientist, you should know of all people.

    One can feel overwhelmed by the beauty of the universe and be grateful to one's existence without referencing some notion of god. Gratitude does not require a receiver.

  7. I have to disagree. Science doesn't deal with "faith" or "belief." I also reject the Abrahamic god on moral grounds. Any God who condones and sanctions slavery (Lev 2:44-46, Exd 21:7-11) is a moral thug of the worst sort.

  8. I love this lady. Gorgeous, smart, genuine, down to earth, humble, and funny. She's like the antithesis of most of the people in Hollywood. Hope you keep making vids.

  9. Where were you, when I was little! You sound like the perfect best friend. I can completely relate to you, especially the video where you spoke of people telling you that you are too emotional. Story of my life. I love very deeply, I care very deeply, I have so much empathy that I have had some not so savoury characters take advantage of me. Now, I am less trusting of who I let in my circle.

  10. Ms. Bialik, that was one of the best explanations of Science and Religion I have ever heard. You are a beautiful soul. and person.

    Also Amy SHOULD marry Sheldon!!!!

    Be Blessed

  11. lost me a jeuish or however one might spell that   but… I will keep watching and learning   causin its fun to learn 🙂 and you were on stargate sg1 and gmm

  12. 1:45 "Understanding Equations that describe Gravity and pressure and Force and Torque is science and that's Amazing. But having a spiritual connection with that information so much so that it brings you to your knees because it is so UNBELIEVABLE is what it means to have a relationship with GOD "

    One explanations which Rabbis, Priets, Clerks etc cant give you but your sitcom star, and ofcourse a scientist, clears you to a level where there is no doubt…… One sentence for you Mayim…. I LOVE YOU AND I ADMIRE TO BECOME LIKE YOU 😀

    Greetings from Pakistan and have a nice day !

  13. Yes, Mayim, we have the ability to think and reason, etc., because we were made in His image. I believe "the big bang" is when God said, "let there be light". I'm Christian, not Jewish, but you know we have shared theology. Anyway, I consider myself "spiritual" and not "religious" bc I do not have a church I attend weekly and I also "question the notion of a deity that takes attendance" 😉 I agree with everything you said. God bless.

  14. Exactly….. thank you for this. You just put into words what I've always felt. I've had arguments with people that feel without a doubt that science and religion are at odds and think that by having a rational explanation for everything that means that you have to choose between the two. Just because we have put a label on everything doesn't mean we can't look farther than that and see the enormity of what put all these "things" together in the first place.

  15. As an artist Mayim, I love you to bits! As a person, I will NEVER 'know' you. … I understand your 'need' to have 'relationship' with your god, tradition and religion of your ancestors. .. As an atheist, it seems to me, you are hedging your bets, for an 'after life' on the bases of teachings, ALL religions have in common. If you were born in Arabian Desert, you'd be a perfect Muslim. In other words, you've been 'fortunate' to inherit the religion of your parents!.. That should say something to your scientific mind. (no sarcasm here.)

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