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Cryptography: The Science of Earning and Breaking Codes


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There are lots of distinct means to encrypt a message, from early, basic ciphers to the well-known Enigma machine. But it’s tricky to make a code genuinely unbreakable.

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Sources: at-area/whitepapers/vpns/background-encryption-730 kingdom/scrapbook/ww2.html kingdom/howitworks.html kingdom/enigma/example1.htm



  1. KEY 10 STD 26+1

    64312 595 386146 94763 5837304 959725 8645 78 49286 9659 1622 287 843 782929 8645 78 49286 9659 1622 287 843 782929 83 5381 492 7836 86853 689248 264 6949 2414 681764 84562 99676 583 4849 65893 159382 59887 285 856294 357 553 118993 54489 771 884548 2225 49 77664 5833 988 5856 289855 77 69 868 4899 1217 77797 88 2386 719564 681 445897 83 333897 461 865 7896 488692 754 8698 69157 48648 657 438 91837 23228956 3859 4897 68 717 59176 7985 556597 844 28993 798 77 7778 466894 591864 883 6646 895 89992 66 78 488368 9993 9982 92 798 28991 97 96 51958 8893 78 68 477784 739 21957 88885 7779 882 8956 663 429 4556674 86946 357 483 8355 7787 4633894 966 2238 744 4886 86995 94 799 788 788 49684 5964 883 184 47 76791 586 7864 996 49682 487873 83838 4849 484849 461 697 366 9982 286482 1138134592 48945 882 4897 3372 474 439696

  2. I had a spy kit when I was 8 that taught me a ton of codes and ciphers, only recently have I realised that these were real codes that people used in the war etc. and that is cool

  3. 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
    0 c j i f k q y w tj ioipo wovlh ncxlo peosg gxrkx (Message)
    1 b i h e j p x v si hnhon vnukg mbwkn odnrf fwqjw
    2 a h g d i o w u rh gmgnm umtjf lavjm ncmqe evpiv
    3 z g f c h n v t qg flfml tlsie kzuil mblpd duohu
    4 y f e b g m u s pf ekelk skrhd jythk lakoc ctngt
    5 x e d a f l t r oe djdkj rjqgc ixsgj kzjnb bsmfs

  4. running key cipher(for letters) or one time pad(for bits) is the perfectly unbreakable cipher. It is impossible to recover the message without key no matter how advanced the cracking technology it. But it is impractical since the key needs to be completely random and should be at least as long as the message itself and the same key should never be used more than once

  5. Seems to me you can get the same effect as an undecipherable code without it actually being unbreakable. Letter shift the message with the Caesar cipher, code the end result with the polyalphabetic cipher, and then use whatever other ciphers you so choose on top of all that. It should be such a momentous hassle full of trial and error while trying to figure out what ciphers were used that by the time it's decoded, the message is already unimportant with you being long gone and the scheme already accomplished. You bury them under so much busy work that you can do whatever you want in the meantime completely unhindered. Unless I'm misunderstanding how ciphers work?

  6. I am a programmer. Crack this:
    The key: 6024351
    the multiplier (for the key): 7

  7. Hey guys i just wanted to know how difficult is this cipher text to crack. It definitely has a message encoded in it. The cipher text is as follows:-
    ggipj ogltgk la mcji hu lceif. h zo etlq hpamv. sjfw hu z lqamaoxl eqoq nh bcbwvx bkmlzx. hv hpssgbxa rjfjoogo nh kgqxzxl aa z ocoxdintrb zolyiz hu cgqim sbvvn aa z eqoqprt. sjb npd vjl btxgfy hv hu z fgkmpy zezsmjbvx sq lg.

  8. Can someone tell me how to decipher Avndar dpsakv tnyaby encbsg xnllff jzkbza ilwsth srtbkk rstcrn ufjapv liuuhb snauan dcxhuu ivatda ifghjg
    dtkmzx pgqfpq nrsxqx yvmsqx rvjkuq rcifvt mglmkt djwmah fiheku jmrpqo hpeozs jpfhxk wuobzg mnbwok clbarv
    saympw bkpiuz vfqsgf wsyiek urvrat uhkspo dhdqyh lpunui ydvgsj ogoxkh vzaxbz egmrls oxzgow odsubt syndqf
    uvttkz klhtre ncpvtl tsrruo cvzzxp pgvcwg ujjmnr awbnix geczag jludal bcogtz nylrty krsmid sznmqw wruegu
    itbhea jlurqs ekspic dcpzoe anljwu vfjzan tapzdw jlgqyq jhupyb ugzcgv lpljvf ysijng rthafi jvpris aapwgg vzqnrr
    ogpbtr zrhwjy sewrgp daignh kjiwmv iozowd lndeut phejyy jezirl dfwgzm cloodd utfnru ccawup cgqjyt aiwrtb
    dlbtqo ytjbgb dggjda wivjac levcyc xhxfrj wbydna yjclfx gieese ixluqc yrrdbk znbzsk zsysvl gfbijs hsbthn
    cgxone gnlisw yorniq uxjbxv fuadvt oxscwu taxmrx dtbovn xzjjhe vpxypv vybfdn hsknpm yhdomb xvtdat uxbnje
    jgpfwp vxyuwc bbrnpw zcjcqj gsevoe uwrkuy sfyznu uzxxtv htjrjs ryxecp vdedlr uvdjzs ywshuw dixidy sedunz
    tilooj fxozpd qllnwg iyqhtn ymssdd zsewkx nxhlnn zgcijd vaieff afmwbf vwyckg fslqoz qnidah tfttuy zvxyyl
    xtuygk lxikac pbavyt cpgkry guyeir xutpif oerohy rxnthn tjwglh xzugkk dnpqww bntknw xaogyb sjtigo qvzvpk
    dydbzb nfdlae tncphc yompfs ronbzt argwgg atckzy azcnto ckjlzz edhxrb mdoyrp kqinbg rsljjm kmeaxz abrbfs
    bvgkaj varvmn dlmppm rdnikc vjdlpj klewyq yhdgjm gvrkeg disbly wvjafz lxivgu xdgslu okdbni lldbne lhhcsd
    taukhx lnwnuq lcgaff jhubab xhnfvl yatwdi kbqiae myrexc nipthq mdczbb bupajh kcdhte qyjhvc iemqkn nbhgif
    jhlczz uzswzr aykaqm mlaino yuhcsm hctjzk hvuokm cswtrx equadt jumxmt vwfoab sutkbg eylnzu xkdhwq dlpbbn?

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