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Wing Chun – The Science of Self Defence


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As a martial artist, first and foremost, I’m not interested in “Wing Chun,” “tradition,” or “style.” I’m not interested in flashy acrobatics, successful tournaments, or what appears to be great. I’m only interested in what will work. What retains you alive in actual lifestyle and loss of life combat scenarios? What is the most efficient way to defeat a person or quite a few opponents with or without having weapons? How is the human body best educated to turn out to be a master of self-defense? What techniques, drills, and ideas need to turn out to be second-character to guarantee correct response and adaptation all through the chaos of actual-lifestyle fight? How can any method or fashion deal with the practically infinite prospective dangers faced? With so quite a few distinct martial arts from all more than the earth, how can a person independent the wheat from the chaff and discern which is the most efficient? For more data about the topics lined in this movie make sure you stop by:



  1. I certainly would not say that Women are the weaker sex. I would surmise that idea comes arose as a result of the roles imposed upon them from early civilization and the fact that they've been associated with and burdened with the blame of original sin from the beginning in certain dogmatic beliefs.

    Wing Chun was developed by a Lady Monk, who grew her school of training by defeating other martial artists, inspiring others to seek her out for training in her unique style. This was the birth of the Wing Chun martial art and its corresponding school.

    This is a great video. Certainly, there is great insight as to define the difference between styles, real combat and main event sport fighting. There is a big difference between practical martial arts, showcasing arts and finally those that appeal to a philosophical and spiritual eidos. Thank you for this video Sifu. 🙂

  2. 1) Flashy serves a purpose.
    2) What's generally known as "MMA" is the most efficient fighting style towards other martial artists.
    3) In a fight between a MMA practitioner and "Peasants" every fight lasts and looks roughly like McGregor vs Aldo
    4) Traditional Martial arts, such as Wing Chun, rarely works in real fights, due to the lack of sparring. Practicing in a safe environment won't prepare you for "real action".

  3. wc vs mma…mma wins.
    wc vs a regular thug or multiple attackers…wc wins. this is why I stuck with wc. if a thug is also a mma fighter…I'll just shoot him = i win no matter what.

  4. So I thought this is about wing chun. I see alot of other things going on. Anyway, If you want to get good at sticky hands YOU HAVE TO practice blindfolded because it needs to be reactionary and driven by pressure on your contact areas.


  6. I dunno about wing chun is "the only" martial arts founded by a woman , but it is "NOT" "the only" that design to beat bigger faster stronger or multiple opponent ………………………………………

    lots of martial arts are design for that , in fact almost all of traditional martial arts are design for fastest way defeat any number and any kind of opponent

    most kungfu are what you describe , most kung fu derive from war era which defeating large number of opponent are necessity

    so what you said are make sense but don't glorified just 1 type of martial arts

    1 thing i agree are the difference between sports and real life fighting

  7. 9 minutes in and I can already tell you've never been in a street fight. Most of your logic is severely flawed. If your style is so great, then put it to the test. I bet you would get worked by a any professional in Judo, BJJ, Wrestling, Taekwondo, and even Boxing. There is a reason there are no high level MMA fighters who train exclusively in Wing Chun, and it's not because they are too deadly.

  8. im a muay thai fighter but i still want to learn wing chun, coz on muay thai or any full contact sports they prohibit hitting/breaking vital parts of the body.. as a fighter in a sport, we are not taught on hitting those vital parts.. our body is used to what we do in training..

  9. every martial art works. the thing that doesn't work is the practitioner.. Learn, practice, Develop… Prepare.

    A UFc/MMA fighter will most likely get his arse handed to him in a club against 10 guys… I study Wing Chung but would get beat down if i didn't prepare. Judo, Boxing, Karate… all the same

    walk away from the fight as much as you can.

  10. Awesome video, I was engaged from beginning to end, thanks. I'm wondering though, how would you recommend going about starting to train Wing Chun in my case where I live there are no Wing Chun instructors available so my options are limited. A Wing Chun dummy is an obvious good start for a solitary student but as you state in the video you really need to drill this stuff with another person to reach the level where the movements become a reactionary second nature. If I have no instructor or training partner I imagine my skills will always be severely limited.

  11. The problem is when you have more than one opponent, they all bum rush you and it's not a fight. I took on 7 college kids and I was 10 years older than they were. I knocked the first guy out and the other 6 kicked the crap out of me. I got home with two black eyes and a broken nose and my wife looked at me and said "You deserved every bit of it." and she was correct.. I should have run.. but stupid me thought I was Bruce for a couple of minutes. If it wasn't for a Catholic priest who pulled them off me, I probably would have been really hurt. Now that's real embarrassment when a man of the cloth uses the holy spirit to save your rear… After the priest helped me up.. I said "Hey! Where you guys going? I'm not done with you yet!"…

  12. my friend studied Wing Chun. it cannot handle multiple strikes. he always try to do fancy blocks and get hurt …instead of just covering his head then either move farther or closer to the attacker. maybe he needs 20 more years of training or practical guidance (get a new teacher) or he's just an idiot (he is not but i'm close to agreeing) ….maybe it's all of the above, i really don't know but i can't deny that Wing Chun has a lot of flaws. ABOUT MULTIPLE ACTTACKERS: in any form of self defense, you are thought to fight one attacker at a time untill you can make your escape (running). right now, MMA is the best in teaching this stuff. -there's no point in fighting multiple attackers if you can run.

  13. Finally here is someone who truly gets it. UFC and MMA is only good for one on one fights. What happens when multiple assailants are attacking you? Will you use your MMA grappling one opponent while the other three stomp the crap out of you????

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